Mostly Harmless Mini Club (MHMC)  
is a Bedford based mini club for the classic mini. The club has been running and is currently in its 13th year. We now opertate as as group of like mined enthusiasts and friends more than an club. 

With the onset of COVID we have had vertual meetings via Zoom and continue to meet online and in the whats app group. 
If you are a classic Mini owner you will know minis are a lot of fun and our club goes with that theory!!  
MHMC have a varied group of people and are all good friends within the club with one real passion: The classic Mini! 
We try to attend the main shows and we never leave anyone behind! We have a lot of experience with minis and we will always try our best to get your car going! 
We may be a small club but we are noisy and have lots of fun! 
Give us a call or text on  
07531 394 904 Leave a message and we will give you a call back with a view from our club and membership details. 
We hold meetings at the: 
The Kings Arms 
Our meetings are normally the first Wednesday of the month at 19:30 but check out our  Facebook page for updates, as sometimes this must be re arranged due to work commitments within the club. In the summer we arrive and then go for a “run” with our minis, if you are planning on attending or turn up and we have gone, please call as we will stop and wait for you. At MHMC we understand that people have small children and that they may need to bring these along so we can meet earlier to meet the clubs needs.   
Please call us on 07531 394 904 for more details or email us! 
 We are also on Facebook and Twitter 


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